The story of the Lost Boys of South Sudan is well known. But what happened to their sisters? The documentary film The Dawn Will Break fills in the missing pages. Sister Luise Radlmeier, who is commonly known as “The Mother of South Sudan,” learned to face the heinous realities of a genocidal war as a young child during the Holocaust. She went on to save thousands of South Sudanese orphans from a similar war some forty years later.

The film follows Sister Luise and the eighteen “Lost Girls” who now live in Boulder Colorado. Micklina Peter Kenyi was the first girl sent to Boulder. She went on to found an organization to support the other South Sudanese women in their resettlement, helping them to find housing and get an education.

Micklina is now the Executive Director of the ETE Foundation. With the support of the Community of South Sudanese and American Women in Boulder, Micklina and the formerly “lost girls” hope to help the girls and women of South Sudan find empowerment through education.

The Dawn Will Break will help to explain the context and aftermath of Sudan’s bloody Civil War, as well as tell the courageous stories of the women behind the ETE foundation and their desire to give back to the homeland they fled.